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Monty Osewald – The Power of Now

Monty Osewald’s The Power Of Now is an exhibition of paintings and prints from the past thirty years. Many aspects of the original prints have been re-energised and re-imagined to create new works.

 In this exhibition we have a diversity of works; resin and fibreglass paintings from 1989 in Geelong, his oil paintings made when a guest artist at the Dresden Academy of the Arts 1991-96, and recent hybrid prints produced using the polymergravure process at Baldessin Press, St Andrews 2021-22.

 The people and locations that have inspired the works are particular to Osewald’s journey as he moves elements through time and space to create idiosyncratic tableau in a range of media. Close inspection of his works reveal stylistic and thematic tendencies, not least his ability to surprise and confront, sometimes in unsettling ways.

 The paintings from Dresden are monumental in size, produced mainly on paper as immediate and spontaneous reactions to what lay in front of him – his boots on a chair in the living room or his painting table in the studio. Osewald also interprets the art that impressed him in galleries and includes representations of significant landmarks seen in his travels throughout Europe.

 Osewald does not stand still. He likes to experiment with different artforms. In recent work, he has turned to new printmaking processes, supported and guided by leading printmakers Dianne Longley, Agave Print Studio and Silvi Glattauer and Tess Edwards at the Baldessin Press studio.

This exhibition looks to the past to create layers of meaning in new works, offering a juxtaposition of past and present experiences. Osewald has revived and remodelled what there was, to create a powerful new Now.

Dr Dianne Longley –  artist and writer

Agave Print Studio

Keisan Back in Business Pink unique state digital print pigment 110x83cm

Encounter in the Bohemian Forest 2022 Hybrid print, oil painted mono print transferred to Hahnemuhle 300gsm paper, chine collection & polymer gravure 119x88cm

Keisan as an Egg Cosy 1991 Resin, Powder Pigments & Fibreglass 145x120cm NFS

The Painting table 1994 oil paint on paper mounted on archival board 179x120cm

Dresden Cupid war ravaged 1995 oil paint on paper 130x126cm

Hinter Hermsdorf (Bohemian Sphynx) 1994 oil on paper mounted on board 120x179cm

Monique arising from the Elbe River 2009 polymer gravure print 39x43cm

Monique′s Hat 1995 Ink & Paint on sized paper 119x88cm

Liberation at Dachau 1991 oil paint on linen canvas mounted on archival board 111x131cm

KIKX 1 1991 Pigment, resin, fibreglass 145x145cm

Boots 1994 oil paint on paper 147x110cm

Self in the Bush with Dried Flowers 2020 Polymer gravure print, polyurethane & dried flowers 57x70cm

Mona 1992 oil paint on linen 161x122cm