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Lucy Mceachern – Take Off 3

“Lucy Mceachern is an amazing talented sculptor.

Her works are in bronze depicting many of the native and other birds we know and love, captured by her keen eye.

Incredible sensitivity to her subject matter, capturing the Spirit and beauty of her subjects with great skill and a very unique vision.

Rarely found in one so young with this level  of command over their genre. Fascinating in not only their depiction, but in the marvellous almost ‘deco’ diversions within them.

As someone who both loves and lives with numerous pieces of Lucy’s work, I know firsthand of the continuous pleasure these bronzes bring.

They are simply put…beautiful works of Art.”  Criss Canning

Pink Eared Duck - Editioned Bronze 19x15.5x24cm $5000

Baby Magpie, editioned bronze, $14,000

Lotus Bird - Editioned Bronze 17.5x20x14cm $3,800