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Joanne Sisson  Flora

There is a boundless sense of growth and new life in Joanne Sisson’s current paintings. Two distinct styles co-habit this exhibition, creating a push and pull of directions. They move between works that depict fine botanical detail to images with broad simplified forms.

The later uses bold colour to portray plant life and objects from the artist’s home and studio. These props are sparsely placed across a flattened surface. It is the shadows that become the interconnecting element within the work. These works belie their simplicity as the artist has reworked and refined detail to perfect a self-contained minimalism in each individual object.

The corresponding group of paintings depict collections of glassware containing plants that intermingle and appear to create an organised and playful energy. These works evoke a sense of landscape as the plants and vessels transverse the mid ground following the horizon line.

Joanne’s collection of glassware is extensive. It contains everything from fine crystal vases to utilitarian jars. She groups these vessels together overlapping the glass to record distortions of form and the play of refracted light. In some works flower motifs are used to create riotous celebrations of new growth and energy.

The elegance of the twinning vines and bending grasses speak of movement and unfurling new life. While there is activity within the foliage a sense of stillness and unity is maintained by the careful placement of forms and the balance of empty space.

While both Sisson’s styles reflect her genuine love of the natural world they also possess a playful sense of inquiry, exploration and joyfulness.

′September Garden I′ 152x91cm (156) Acrylic on canvas 2021 $4650

‘September Garden IV′ 137x112cm (159) Acrylic on canvas 2021 $4750

″Eucalypts and Blue Glass″ 152x72cm (139) Acrylic on canvas 2021 $4400

′Nasturtiums′ (147) 102x107 Acrylic on canvas 2021 $3900

‘September Garden III’ 102x97 (158) Acrylic on canvas 2021 $3600

′Still life with Eucalypts I′ 102x152cm (132) Acrylic on canvas 2021 $4800

′September Garden II′ 97x87cm (157) Acrylic on canvas 2021 $3600

′July Garden I′ 107x102cm(149) Acrylic on canvas 2021 $3900

′Japonicas′ 152x107cm (155) Acrylic on canvas 2021 $4850

′Hardenbergia, Eucalypts and Red Glass′ 153x72cm (154) Acrylic on canvas 2021 $4450

′Flora II′ 107x107cm (134) Acrylic on canvas 2021 $4200

′Blossom IV′ 92x76cm (162) Acrylic on canvas 2021 $3400

′Blossom III′ 51x51cm (152) Acrylic on canvas 2021 $1500

′Anemone I′ 152x102 (136)Acrylic on canvas 2021 $4800