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James Davis (1940-2019) – The Amazing Estate

James’ work is marked by a commitment to figurative, expressionist art and social comment.

Included in this online exhibition is a collection of garden paintings presented in a surreal manner.

His style is closely linked to United Kingdom artists, Ken Currie and Peter Howson, who both produce work of a similar sentiment.

It has a strong bent towards the abstract expressionist movement primarily in the direction of Willem De Kooning’s figurative, abstract form.

James Davis

The Bohemian Series  –  Lost  2016   oil on board  120x300cm  (Triptych)  $18,500

The Bohemian Series  –  St Kilda Angels  2011  oil on canvas  168x137cm  $16,000

The Botanica Series  –  Charly Malta’s Brunswick Patch  2007  oil on board  100x300cm  (Triptych)  $20,000

The Brunswick Paintings  –  The Yellow Bird  2007  oil on board  100x200cm  (Diptych)  $14,000  SOLD

The Botanica Series  –  Run Away  2012  oil on canvas  107x122cm   $12,000

The Bohemian Series  –  Halloween  2008  oil on board  60x90cm   $4,750  SOLD

Miscellaneous Works  – Unknown  oil on canvas  170x140cm  $12000

Miscellaneous Works  –  Sirens  pastel on paper  155x146cm  $12000

Miscellaneous Works  –  Auto Icon Carlton 1991  oil on canvas  242x244cm  (triptych)  $33,000