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Ian Parry – The Mariner

“… meditative depictions of Tasmanian seascapes glow with a serene intensity. Parry relocated from Melbourne, where he occupied a well-respected position in the art scene, to coastal Tasmania, furthering his lifelong commitment to capturing the boundlessness of the ocean. A commitment proclaimed by the strength of the recent paintings by this enigmatic senior artist.

“Parry’s subject remains the sea and the horizon. Often this is married with the simplified forms of natural and man-made objects, such as hulls of abandoned ships, one trees and other detritus of the coast. Parry’s work hums with the vibration that colour an create when used to its best effect. Each colour harmonises to give the work a rich presence, one that is achieved slowly through many glazes and creative scumbles of paint.

Parry has exhibited widely in Tasmania, Melbourne and regional Victoria.
His works are represented in major public and private collections in Australia and overseas, including the Australian National Gallery, Canberra.”

Marguerite Brown, independent arts writer and curator

The Navigator South Bruny Island 2019 oil on linen 92x137cm $15,500

Window in Siena 2021 oil on linen 107x107cm $8,500

Self Portrait as Flotsam and Jetsom oil on linen 92x130cm $15,500

After Vuillard 2020 oil on linen 107x107cm $9,500

At the Wreck of ′The City of Foo - Chow′ on FLinders Island 2020 oil on linen 92x137cm $15,500

Navigator Files Furneaux Island 2019 oil on linen 92x137cm $15,500

Navigator Van Dieman′s Land 2020 oil on linen 92x137cm $15,500

Parhelion 2020 oil on linen 92x122cm $15,000

Passage Bruni Island 2014 oil on linen 137x92cm $15,500

Taynuilt 2021 oil on linen 107x107cm $9,500

Window 2021 oil on linen 92x108cm $9,000

Window in Taynuilt 2019 oil on linen 92x108cm $9,500

South Bruni 2020 oil on linen 107x107cm $9,500

Non-the-less 20201 oil on linen 137x92cm $15,000

Truwana 20201 oil on linen 107x107cm $16,000

Be that as it may 2021 oil on linen 184x137cm $23,000