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Widely acclaimed Israeli-born painter Rimona Kedem has exhibited internationally since 1967, her work is held in public and private collections around the world.

Formally trained at the Avni Art Academy in Tel Aviv, she was awarded a scholarship to the Art Academy of Mexico and went on to receive amongst other qualifications a Bachelor and Masters of Arts and a Diploma and Bachelor of Education at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

An expressionist painter and stained glass designer, Rimona Kedem has exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney and internationally. Her work is represented in the National Gallery of Victoria.

The essence of Rimona’s art is the colour, the textures, the compositions, the flowing rhythm and sensuality, the touch of whimsy, the sheer joy and celebration of life combined with the vague feeling of threat , often hidden and covert. Rimona Kedem’s paintings are a tapestry of emotion which weave together a collection of human interrelationships. Small events, great involvements, rifts between people, love, coffee houses, theatre performances, loneliness, happiness, and tango clubs. These are recordings of the life that goes on while planet Earth is on the way to destruction. The artist injects energy into every facet of life.