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Rebekah Stuart is a contemporary visual artist currently working with the mediums of photography, painting and dance.

As Rebekah questions and creates new worlds, she seeks to delineate a truth closer to our primordial being. Rebekah chooses nature as her subject as she feels it provides a counterpoint that resonates in us; a contrapuntal magic flow occurs in views from a distance and in vestiges from walks up close.

Rebekah feels these traces are sustained and reconfigured in our essence, connecting to a broad memory and an inner craving to return to nature. Rebekah feels these happenings speak to a larger force and when we keep this tender conversation open, we may arrive at a place much like a resonant symphony.

“I am a contemporary visual artist exploring an alternative aesthetic to the traditional and Romantic landscape. I reconstruct fragments of nature to create landscapes that do not exist in reality.” – Rebekah Stuart