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Lucy McEachern has quickly established herself as a leading sculptor of birds. Her chosen medium is bronze. The simplified and elegant lines of her works make them very tactile and a pleasure to behold.

She runs a property at Wingeel west of Geelong, where she is able to observe birds in their natural habitat. Annual re-vegetation projects have helped to increase bird life on the farm quite noticeably and she is lucky enough to live by a creek, where there is an abundance of water birds to observe. Whether it is a finch that darts from post to post, a Brolga that dances with its mate, or a wedge tailed eagle that glides in the thermals high above, there is a never ending supply of subject matter for her to work with.

Lucy has had many successes and accolades; one of the most recent is her selection for the seventh year in the prestigious “Birds in Art 2018” exhibition at the Woodson Museum in Wisconsin USA. An International Art exhibition to which only 3 Australians were selected, her sculpture was also chosen to tour the US for 12 months with other selected entrants.