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Julie Andrews’ work is ambitious in scale and multi-faceted in its approach. This manifests itself in the work as obscured layers, blurred edges and drifts of floating orbs, creating a dream like space.

“It is in the relationship between the physical process of making art and the materials and techniques I use, that I encounter the deeper currents of the work. I want my work to make a difference, as a whisper to the unconscious of possibilities otherwise unnoticed.”

Julie received her Bachelor of Visual Arts from Latrobe University in 2012 and a Master of Arts at RMIT in 2014. She has held over 25 solo exhibitions and contributed to over 35 group shows throughout Australia. Further afield she has undertaken residencies and held exhibitions at the SoHo Gallery, Singapore, the Shipley Gallery, Newcastle, England and at ‘33 Bund’ Gallery, Shanghai, China. Her work is held in private collections in Australia and internationally.