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Carmel Wallace’s art practice focuses on the advantages of a multi-disciplinary exploration of place and its ramifications for environmental awareness and ethics. 

Embracing sculpture, installation, photography and printmaking, Carmel Wallace’s artwork explores connection to place in the context of environmental awareness and ethics. She gained a PhD in this field from Deakin University in 1999 after receiving the Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for the University’s top Honours’ thesis in 1994. Carmel has undertaken international and Australian residencies, and completed many public artworks.

“My fascination and interest is in the roles art can play in strengthening connections to place and developing environmental awareness. Although I majored in printmaking and drawing, I often creates 3D pieces from discarded materials that tell me a lot about the place I am exploring. My approach is a multi- disciplinary one and stories of place are a rich source of knowledge and inspiration for my work.”…Carmel Wallace