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Coastal artist. I love stories, writing poems, singing and the sounding sea. I am inspired by my rich environments, light, shadow, colour and mood. Living by the sea, in the most Southern part of Australia, I am always drawn to water and light. As I wander this saturated wilderness, I am constantly inspired by the dramatic and tempestuous beauty of my environment. I find it monumental and have a strong emotional attachment to the ocean and Nature's rich environments, her colours and mood. I seek the mystery, atmosphere and drama of the natural world. I work spontaneously and instinctively within my art using oil and charcoals. The hope and impulse for my art, is to gift the viewer with a moment, as I experienced a scene that stirred my emotion and imagination. To see what others may not, in my solitude is the catalyst for a spontaneous need to depict. To share my wonder and exhilaration as I marvel in those ethereal and ephemeral moments. I seek out the sacred places of my natural world adorned in light. Beauty surrounds us if we care to see, offering hope that exists for us all. Inside meanings, outside meanings - the human experience and interpretation that is ever after, meant to be a painted transference of my vision, conjured for sole ownership of the viewer.