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Karleena Mitchell
Sculptor To me as the artist, my work is the “strange fruit” of a life lived pursuing an art practice. That the fruit of years of working can be mysterious, strange to me, never knowing what direction I might find myself going, when and how inspiration might find me, what events in the world and in my life might become entangled in thoughts and the creative process. The common theme though is a need to expose and break through injustice and prejudice and unfettered greed. Children robbed of their potential through war and dislocation. People fleeing certain death turned away from safe shores. Yet, extending a hand to the persecuted – surely it is this which makes us human? This is as relevant now as it was over 75 years ago when the lyrics of Billie Holidays haunting protest song ‘strange fruit’ explicitly depicted the lynching of African-Americans. Art made from anguish and the sheer horror of such cruelty. Karleena Mitchell 2017